Tips on Building Your Wardrobe

August 9, 2010 § 3 Comments

Building your wardrobe does not necessarily mean going out and buying everything brand new, especially as the seasons change – that could get a little expensive, but that is not the case! Key word is, ‘building,’ – building from what you already have, get rid of the out-dated items, investing in the essentials and purchasing new items here and there to complement what you currently have.

Essentials, include items that are easy to layer, throw on top of another item and/or build upon – t-shirts, cami’s, tanks, button up shirts and cardigans are all examples.  All of these items are versatile (can be worn casually or you can dress up), great to accessorize, easy to transition from day-to-night and can be worn several different ways.

These items you don’t have splurge on but  should have a variety of styles and colors in your wardrobe.

When shopping think about the longevity of the item and the reason for purchasing – are you buying for a particular occasion? Or do you plan on getting great use of out it.  Also, can it be worn in more than one season.  There are certain items to invest in – trendy items are not one of them – they are items that you will use frequently, will not go out of style (not trendy and “for the moment”) and ones that will be in your closet for a while.  These items you go for quality and should spend a little more on rather than the occasional piece (or essential).  So when each season rolls around, you are not constantly shopping for a new wardrobe to fit that time, but just adding to what you already have.

Outerwear (coats and jackets), jeans, heels , leather handbags, jewelry are all good items to invest in.  Quality over quantity in this case.  These items should complement your outfit and most items  are usually the outer layer – the finishing touch to your look.

When it comes to trends, test them out at an affordable retailer first before you begin to splurge.  If you think an item will only be around for a season or you will only wear a few times – spend less on those items; however, pieces that you know will carry on through each season, spend a little more.

Spend less each season, save more and look great all at the same time!


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