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April 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

As the warmer temperatures slowy begin to make way,  new trends  are springing on the horizon in peak of the new season.  Here are the top 3 looks to try this Spring.


| Gucci |

Vibrant colors are making a bold statement this season, highlighting the warmer weather with an allure of brighter hues paired with one another creating a color-blocking illusion.  While some tones complement one another, other shades are more elusive, giving way for a more stand out bright.

Neutral accessories work best, so there is no clashing or competing of colors, leaving the color-blocked effect the main focus.

| Gucci |


| Rebecca Taylor |

 As we transition over to the warmer weather, the normal go-to items are shorts and mini’s, until recently.  Maxi and full skirts are very popular this season, which is a great change of pace from the bare-legged bottoms that normally are a given once warmer temperatures arrive.

 The billowy fabrics are just as cool and coyly sexy, this voluminous silhouette works best for any body type, as the lining falls in a A-line that is flattering on the hips. 

Pair with a fitted top, to keep proportions in line with the loose-fitting bottom.  Want to create curves, cinch in the waist with a belt.

| Rebecca Taylor |




| Derek Lam |

 Make way skinny jeans; flared, hip-hugging, bell-bottoms are back! This retro vibe plays up the sexiness embracing every move of the hip, they are called hip-huggers for a reason.

Give into the oversized sunglasses and handbags, floral prints and tap into your inner “flower child.”

This flattering silhouette with a modern twist is sure to leave you feeling groovy.

| ADAM |


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